Black Diamond Structures presents high performance solutions for SLI and Heavy Truck Batteries at the 16th European Lead Battery Conference

Vienna, Austria

September 7, 2018

High performance Lead Acid Battery solutions for the SLI and heavy truck battery market was the theme of Black Diamond Structures’ presentation and exhibit at one of the premier battery shows in Europe, the 16th European Lead Battery Conference and Exhibition.

Dr. Paul Everill, Black Diamond’s Vice President for Research and Development, provided an in-depth look at the latest data gleaned from extensive field testing and customer experience concerning lead acid battery performance improvements when MOLECULAR REBAR®, Black Diamond’s proprietary technology, is integrated into the battery manufacturing process. Please download the presentation file found at the bottom in PDF format.

Dr. Everill pointed to Black Diamonds’ work with over 150 customers and battery manufacturers around the globe in the Automotive, Motive and Stationary markets. The results?

MOLECULAR REBAR consistently enhances lead acid battery performance –

• Improves Charge Acceptance >25%*

• Increases Cycle Life 25-300%*

• Enables Partial State of Charge Operations

• Reduces Irreversible Sulfation & Plate Growth

• Enhanced Plate Durability

• Improves Thermal Operational Ranges

• Provides opportunities to reduce active material/plates

*dependent on battery test protocols

Describing the opportunities that exist for Black Diamond’s innovative product slate, Tim Knaus, Black Diamond’s Vice President for Global Sales, said, “Our current field tests throughout the world, with batteries containing our MOLECULAR REBAR additive, reveals significant advantages for manufacturers both large and small who compete in this very robust lead acid battery market. In general, our products offer greatly improved battery life, longer battery life, significantly reduced time to full charge, improved cycle performance,sustained performance throughout the battery’s life with improved durability of the active material and a more efficient formation process.

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