We develop and manufacture innovative nanomaterial products and solutions. We use chemistry, creativity, and technology to take these breakthroughs out of the lab and into real world industrial and consumer products. We enable you to build a better solution.

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Our breakthrough in nanotubes

No more tangled carbon nanotubes. Our product development team is currently focused on products and applications based on a revolutionary technology called, MOLECULAR REBAR®.

Nanotubes are pulled apart, like individual fibers of a cotton ball, and rearranged in a uniform structure. This unlocks their full potential for a variety of applications and industries.

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The Problem

Traditional carbon nanotubes clump together into bundled knots and contain by-products. This makes them difficult to disperse uniformly, limiting applications due to cost and performance issues.

The Solution

Our technology creates discrete, uniform, clean, and functionalized carbon nanotubes that are manufactured at an industrial scale. Nanomaterials have arrived.


MOLECULAR REBAR is optimized for individual system compatibility and ease of use

A Better Battery for the Future

MOLECULAR REBAR in lead paste or other substrates

Black Diamond Structures is bringing this revolutionary technology to manufacturers all around the world.