Lead Acid

The workhorse of the battery industry. The product and its chemistry have been proven over >135 years. Without them, life in the 21st century would have been very different.

But, they can be better…
  • The rapid adoption of eVehicles is challenging the internal combustion engine market, and the batteries which support it, to do more, for less cost.
  • Developers are looking for ways to mitigate the effects of temperature and corrosion on battery performance.
  • Manufacturers want faster and more efficiently charging power sources to reduce mobile equipment idle time and increase ROI.
  • OEMs want cheaper, lighter batteries to perform as well as much larger, more costly designs to improve fuel economy and fleet-wide carbon footprints.
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Black Diamond Structures addresses these challenges and enabled our customers to deploy millions of MOLECULAR REBAR®-enabled, advanced batteries into the automotive, storage, traction, and eVehicle applications, globally.

Lithium Ion

Contemporary technology, advancing at an unprecedented rate, globally. The big breakthrough in Li-ion happened in the 1990s. Today, global demand is outpacing many forecasts, being largely driven by the consumer electronics and electrical vehicle markets.

  • Cathode inadequacies limit charge speed and power output.
  • Consumers demand more energy, in smaller, lighter form factors.
  • Design limitations require high quantities of inactive material.
  • Advanced cell solutions can run contrary to the drive for lower costs.
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Black Diamond Structures are in the final stages of commercial validation with several partners who will put MOLECULAR REBAR®-enhanced Li-Ion cells onto the road, into your hand, and into the air over the next few years.

Benefits in Lithium Ion

Dramatic MR-based improvements to available vehicle range (capacity, as % of C10) are observed following increasingly high rates of charge

Limitations in charge times has been a key barrier in the adoption of electric vehicles globally. With Molecular Rebar, charge times can be decreased substantially over typical carbon black based formulations.

Impact: 160 miles delivered in 15 mins.
MR permits high charge currents to flow for longer before becoming limited by the battery’s resistance. This improvement over conventinal formulations opens new doors for battery and charger design.

Proven Performance in Large Format Cells

Our processing and formulation technology results in improved performance from any raw nanomaterial

  • Li1330 improves performance 100% versus a competitor MWCNT dispersion
  • Li1315 improves performance 25% versus a competitor SWCNT dispersion

Benefits in Lead-Acid

Light and Heavy-Duty SLI

Molecular Rebar brings substantial improvements in many industry relevent tests. These tests are trusted by our customers and have translated well to their field data. With reduced returns and longer life customers are able to save money while providing a superior product.

3rd Generation Manufacturer Testimonial

Increased Battery Life and Charge Acceptance

Our impact in lead acid battery peformance goes beyond our lab. One of our new solutions was graduated from our 2V Lab and validated in an EU 12V build of excellent quality.