MOLECULAR REBAR ® is a scientific breakthrough that overcomes the challenges that plague carbon nanotubes – their tendency to bundle as entangled clumps and retain large amounts of metal and other residuals – restricting their remarkable potential.


Using our patented technology, we untangle dirty, raw carbon nanotubes into discrete, individual tubes of uniform size and formulate them for incorporation into the existing manufacturing processes of many applications. Products incorporating Molecular Rebar are stronger and perform better than those incorporating higher loadings of raw nanotubes.


Lead Acid Batteries: MOLECULAR REBAR® enables new levels of performance. Batteries charge faster and have dramatically longer cycle life.

Millions of vehicles on the road today incorporate MOLECULAR REBAR®-enhanced lead-acid batteries.


Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries: MOLECULAR REBAR® removes design limitations making it easier to develop high energy density, fast charging cells.

Our products will soon be deployed in multiple consumer and military products