MOLECULAR REBAR ® is a scientific breakthrough that overcomes the challenges that plague carbon nanotubes – their tendency to bundle as entangled clumps and hold high residual impurities – restricting their remarkable potential.


Using our patented and patent-pending technology, we untangle these tubes into discrete individual tubes of uniform size, and formulate them to be incorporated into the existing manufacturing process for many applications. Products made this way are stronger and more conductive.

The Benefits

MOLECULAR REBAR ® enables breakthroughs in performance for a broad spectrum of products and applications.


Energy Storage

Batteries that charge in a fraction of the time and last significantly longer.

We are just scratching the surface. MOLECULAR REBAR ® has the capability to revolutionize the design window of materials across a wide array of applications. Consumers will notice the difference.


Black Diamond Structures has targeted its initial product development  on applications in the Energy Storage industry – specifically lead acid and lithium ion batteries.

Lead Acid Batteries: MOLECULAR REBAR® enables new levels of performance.  Batteries that charge faster and have dramatically longer cycle life.  

*Improvement % dependent on testing parameters/conditions

Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Batteries: MOLECULAR REBAR® is currently being integrated into multiple Li-Ion applications.  Initial test results suggest: