BDS at ELBC 2020

Continuing Developments for Enhanced Flooded Batteries and AGM Applications

22-24th September 2020; Online (COVID-19)

MOLECULAR REBAR® Technology has a long history of participating at the ELBC, being the location of our global unveiling in Edinburgh in 2014. Since then, our technology has advanced into every facet of the lead-acid battery market ($40B 2020) and we continue to innovate.

Here, we present updates to our anti-corrosion product line, the PbAC series, and provide some forward-looking research, fresh from the lab, in relation to new expander package we have co-developed from the ground up to provide the best possible foundation for our MOLECULAR REBAR® Pb1210N negative mass solution.

Our PbAC products, mitigating corrosion failures at their source, and our Pb1210N products, providing enhanced charge acceptance and consistency of performance, together, offer global battery manufacturers the tools they need to develop the next generation of Lead-Acid Batteries.