BDS reveals latest lithium-ion research at The Battery Show

Dr. Clive Bosnyak, Chief Scientific Officer for Molecular Rebar Design and Board director for Black Diamond Structures, presented some exciting new research revealing significant lithium-ion performance enhancements utilizing the company’s proprietary nanomaterial technology, Molecular Rebar®.

Bosnyak, who addressed attendees at The Battery Show 2015 in Novi, Michigan, commented that he and his team are advancing the science for nanomaterials, demonstrating improvements in the performance properties of both organic and inorganic binders and active materials, including polymer gel and solid electrolytes.

Molecular Rebar® are clean, discrete, open-ended nanotubes which can be used with a number of higher capacity materials and are superior to the usual Carbon nanotubes (CNT’s), which can easily become entangled.  See the presentation at BDS Battery Conf 09-15 final