Black Diamond Structures opens new advanced Battery Testing Facility

Black Diamond Structures, a developer and manufacturer of innovative nanomaterial products and solutions for the lead acid and Li Ion battery market, recently announced the opening of its new advanced Battery Testing Laboratory.

The lab is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the world and is a significant step in supporting the company’s global customers along with its ongoing work to provide the most comprehensive performance data on the effects of its proprietary technology, MOLECULAR REBAR®, when added to a battery’s active material.

Black Diamonds’ Chief Executive Officer, Dr. John Hacskaylo, explained, “We are making great strides in battery development by partnering with some of the largest manufacturers around the world. Using our highly advanced testing capabilities, together with the manufacturers we are building a vast base of scientific knowledge of battery performance when MOLECULAR REBAR® is introduced into the active material.”

Since its beginning in December of 2014, Black Diamond Structures has engaged with and is in various phases of testing and product commercialization with well over 100 lead acid battery manufacturers globally. A sizeable investment in testing capabilities has been an integral part in helping BDS keep up with the ever-increasing demand from its customers.

The new lab features 129 12-Volt testing channels and another 77 channels for testing below 12 Volts, allowing Black Diamond Structures to accelerate certain product development and solution optimization for key customers.

Commenting on the importance and scope of the new Battery Testing Lab, Dr. Jeremy Meyers, Director of R&D for Lead-Acid Batteries, explained “We’ve observed and documented the improvements brought to battery performance with MOLECULAR REBAR® in tens of thousands of batteries built on full-scale production lines around the world. To meet rapidly growing global customer demands, we have made significant investments in testing, automation, and data analysis to help our customers optimize our technology for their batteries.”

MOLECULAR REBAR® is a registered trademark of Molecular Rebar Design