Black Diamond Structures present the latest on its proprietary technology, MOLECULAR REBAR, at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan

Black Diamond Structures’ Vinay Baht, PhD, presented highlights of the most recent developments in energy storage accruing from the company’s patented technology, MOLECULAR REBAR®, before one of the world’s largest showcases for battery technology The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan. The presentation, ” MOLECULAR REBAR® – Nano solutions for Silicon based anodes”, offers more compelling evidence of the impact Black Diamond is having and will have on the future of energy storage. The presentation is attached below for viewing.

Dru Kefalos, Black Diamond’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “We are delighted to discuss the importance of our nanomaterial technology to the Li-Ion and lead acid battery community in the US as well as throughout the world. We are advancing the science of battery performance in a variety of applications. Molecular Rebar, our patented nanomaterial product, when introduced into the battery manufacturing process, significantly enhances battery operation, regardless of battery type, climatic or geological conditions in which it is used.”

Black Diamond Structures has been working with some of the largest and best known battery manufacturers in the world with the goal of developing a significantly better battery. Our data base, which has been developed over a number of years, in a wide variety of locations and with virtually every battery type, shows, unequivocally, the significant value Molecular Rebar offers to battery manufacturers in this competitive market place.

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