Black Diamond Structures presents latest developments in Lithium Ion battery technology – NaatBATT annual meeting

Black Diamond Structures’ Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Jerzy Gazda, presented highlights of the most recent developments in energy storage accruing from the company’s patented technology, MOLECULAR REBAR®, before the NaatBATT Energy Storage Innovation Summit.  The presentation, “High performing Nano Materials for silicon and graphite anodes” offers more compelling evidence of the impact Black Diamond is having and will have on the future of energy storage.  The presentation is attached below for viewing.

NAATBatt International is one of the world’s preeminent trade associations for advanced battery makers and users dedicated to supporting the commercialization of new electrochemical energy storage technology.  The Energy Storage Innovation Summit, now in its third year, highlights 10 new technologies which must have the potential to transform the market and must currently be available for license or purchase.

Dr. Gazda’s presentation was followed by an address to the general NaatBATT membership by Black Diamond’s Chief Marketing officer, Dru Kefalos, on the history of Black Diamond Structures’ development of MOLECULAR REBAR and its ongoing importance to the battery industry globally.  This presentation is also found attached.

Black Diamond Structures – Member Update – D Kefalos

Black Diamond Structures – Innovation Summit – Dr. Jerzy Gazda