Black Diamond Structures presents latest product offerings for LI batteries at CIBF 2018

Black Diamond Structures rolled out its latest nanotechnology product offering for Lithium-ion batteries at the single largest and most comprehensive battery exhibition in the world, the China International Battery Fair 2018, in Shenzhen, China on May 22-24.

Highlighting recent advancements in Black Diamond’s battery technology, MOLECULAR REBAR nanomaterials, Dr. Vinay Bhat, presented evidence of the compelling results in Li battery performance when Molecular Rebar is added into the into the Si/Gr anode slurry making process. His presentation is found below.

The latest battery improvements have, and continue to be, developed in concert with a number of the world’s leading battery manufacturers – both in the Lithium-ion space and Lead Acid battery space. Recent testing confirms that Li batteries containing Molecular Rebar nanomaterials enable the use of high silicon percentage anode to enhance energy density, enhance cycle life 10-100% in certain systems, enhance mechanical strength and is easy to implement in lab or pilot scale with existing equipment and formulations.

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