Black Diamond Structures Provides a Technical Update at ABC 2023

Siem Reap, Cambodia; September 5-8th, 2023

The lead-acid battery industry is changing and Black Diamond Structures intends to support the transition from a heavily automotive-focused industry to a more general energy storage market. In our presentation, we share new data from manufacturers deploying MOLECULAR REBAR® detangled carbon nanotube products in application spaces which are predicted to grow strongly in the next 5-10 years.
With a combination of field trial data, laboratory-based research on full-scale batteries, and active material structural analysis, we will showcase a number of new and updated customer testimonials which exemplify the power of MOLECULAR REBAR® products in eRickshaw, eBike, EFB, Traction, and Auxiliary battery systems.

In these applications, critical to the future of the global lead-acid battery industry, MOLECULAR REBAR® products show enhanced charge recovery, more efficient energy usage/consumption and improved duty cycles in real-world test scenarios at an excellent cost/value proposition. Specific, quantifiable details will be shared during our presentation.

Black Diamond Structures continues to innovate in the field of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries to help battery manufacturers design the next generation of future products. We continue to explore additional chemistries and nanomaterial sources to ensure that our products remain industry-leading while constantly growing our Patent Portfolio to defend against lower tier products and protect our customers from knock-off products.