Black Diamond Structures Releases a New Product at FENIBAT 2023

Londrina, Brazil; October 15-17th, 2023

Black Diamond Structures was pleased to attend and actively present at the 6th FENIBAT conference in Londrina, Brazil; the largest gathering of lead-acid battery and lithium-ion professionals in the nation. BDS was happy to meet with our customers, new and old, some of which have been actively deploying MOLECULAR REBAR®-based battery products into the field for almost a decade. We are happy to support the South American market with our bespoke and proprietary detangled carbon nanotube technology.

At FENIBAT, Black Diamond Structures provided an overview of our MOLEULAR REBAR® technology’s global adoption. We also provided an introduction to the unique mechanism which powers our materials’ performance. MOLECULAR REBAR® provides a combination of nanoscale strengthening and crystallographic modification agents which promote high, stable surface area and greater uniformity of pore structure throughout the negative or positive active mass. In effect, these actions promote optimal plate structure throughout life and permit more consistent performance, partly through mitigation of hard sulfate build-up and sponge-lead structure stabilization.

Our first process additive, PbLite was also released to the South American market during FENIBAT 2023 and provides a fast method of increasing plate production output and consistency while paying for itself in waste reductions and increased manufacturing efficiency. By changing the rheological properties of the paste, PbLite improves the overall consistency of the paste and permits easier application of paste to the grid resulting in fewer plate rejections and decreased need for thickness/weight optimization during the process. In effect, PbLite can produce 20-150 extra plates, when compared to a control pasting, as confirmed by S. American and European battery manufacturers which pays for the cost of the material and permits manufacturers to extract more batteries per paste, increasing revenue and output while also improving battery consistency, as measured in electrical testing. Unlike our other products, PbLite does not affect cycling performance.

PbAC is a key additive for mitigation of corrosion and paste shedding which is often vital in high-temperature corrosion-inducing environments. This product, and its mechanism, was also reviewed.