Black Diamond Structures Reveals a New Product Designed to Combat Pb-Acid Battery Corrosion at the 18th Asian Battery Conference

New solutions dramatically delay automotive battery failures in high heat climates

September 5th, 2019; Bali, Indonesia

After years of research and joint development with major automotive battery manufacturers, Black Diamond Structures, LLC, announced today the immediate availability of its Anti-Corrosion Line of nanotechnology products: the PbAC Series.

These new nanomaterial-based products enable battery manufacturers to create Lead-Acid Batteries that last longer by significantly reducing battery failures in vehicles caused by corrosion inside the battery.

Corrosion-based failures have been pervasive since the inception of Lead-Acid Battery technology and are generally attributed to the high temperatures in the engine compartment of vehicles and their prevalence is only increasing alongside the demands for higher fuel-efficiency.

“Corrosion is a necessary evil for lead-acid batteries to function; the challenge has always been controlling the rate at which that corrosion occurs, especially in hot climates, so as to prolong the life of the battery. This is exactly what we are enabling our customers to do with our PbAC Series,” said Paul Everill, PhD, Vice President R&D at Black Diamond Structures.

The PbAC Series of products tailor the trademarked MOLECULAR REBAR®* technology to enhance an element of the cathode of the battery called the

“corrosion layer”. PbAC allows for the controlled creation of a denser, more uniform corrosion layer which provides for a more effective barrier between the active material that stores the energy and the lead-alloy grid that acts as a current collector. This new barrier formed by PbAC is critical for efficiently mitigating unwanted grid corrosion, active material shedding, and avoiding early failure in the battery.

Several battery manufacturers who worked jointly with Black Diamond Structures to develop the PbAC Series have launched products incorporating the material in their markets and found great success. PbAC has dramatically reduced customer returns for early failures and effectively reduced overall warranty costs for these manufacturers.

*MOLECULAR REBAR® is a trademark of Molecular Rebar Design, LLC.

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