Black Diamond Structures – Working with Chinese lead acid battery manufacturers to radically increase performance

Black Diamond Structures – We Are your “Nano Connection” in China

International Lead Battery Fair, April, Beijing, China

Black Diamond Structures provides Chinese lead acid battery manufacturers customized additive solutions that alter a battery’s “DNA” — unlocking its full potential …. Fast.

EFB batteries

  • 2-5 times improved HRPSoC cycling
  • 25% or more improvement in cycle life

Deep cycle batteries

  • 30% and more reduced recharge times
  • 50% longer life

These data points as well as a detailed discussion of Black Diamond’s proprietary technology, MOLECULAR REBAR®, were presented to ILBF attendees by Dr. Tau Gu and Mr. Jingming Lu, Black Diamond’s Chinese sales and nanotechnology team.  See the presentation below.

Please contact us for additional information by clicking on the Submit Inquiry tab at the top of the page or call Mr. Jingming Lu at +86-181-1624-7006 to learn how we can improve the performance of your battery and greatly enhance your position in this competitive battery market.

Black Diamond IBLF 2019 DR. TAO

黑钻石结构Black Diamond Structures™-分子钢筋Molecular Rebar:用于增强型富液电池的离散碳纳米管添加剂