MOLECULAR REBAR® Design Receives “Inventor of the Year” from Houston Intllct. Property Law Assoc.

MOLECULAR REBAR® Design, a developer and manufacturer of innovative nanomaterials products and solutions, announced that Kurt Swogger (CEO) and Dr. Clive Bosnyak (CSO), are recipients of the prestigious “Inventor of the Year” award given by the Houston Intellectual Property Law Association for their development of their proprietary technology, MOLECULAR REBAR. Swogger and Bosnyak are co-founders of MOLECULAR REBAR® Design, LLC, a leading nanomaterial innovator, and hold five key U.S. patents for MOLECULAR REBAR.

MOLECULAR REBAR are discrete, open ended, and highly functionalized multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that are free from catalysts and waste matter.  The technology is a scientific breakthrough providing opportunities for development and commercialization of innovative new materials for a wide variety of products and market segments.  The addition of MOLECULAR REBAR to materials significantly enhances mechanical, physical, transport and electromagnetic properties.


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