Pacific Batteries Brings New Product

Pacific Batteries Ltd this week launched the first Fijian made Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA) batteries. The company added that these batteries are designed with a new to the world specialty additive, discrete carbon nano-tubes based on MOLECULAR REBAR® technology that enables solar batteries to recover charge more quickly and fully in cyclonic conditions where sunlight limitations hinder the ability to full recharge.

This three year technology development was done in cooperation with USA based Black Diamond Structures, the business responsible for the continuing development and marketing of the Molecular Rebar® technology

To make this possible, the company invested $500,000 on the new product. These are an advanced type of lead acid batteries, where acid is absorbed in glass-mat and are also called AGM technology batteries. The main applications are in solar photo voltaic, UPS, Telecom, ATM and other electronic surveillance systems.

In a statement, Pacific Batteries listed the following advantages for the use of the battery – totally sealed, can be kept in any position, maintenance free and long life.

It said that their products are specially designed for solar photovoltaic application in tropical and cyclonic prone conditions.

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