Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) Conference in Bergamo, Italy

The Automotive Lead Battery Advancements (ALBA) conference is the one of the foremost lead-acid battery technical meetings in the world. Evolving from the EFB + Heat Conferences of years prior, the conference has stayed focused on the true challenges of the automotive lead-acid battery industry which are a moving target as the automotive industry continues to electrify its products at break-neck speed. Led by Ford Motor Company’s own Dr. Eckhard Karden, the conference refocused onto lead-acid battery for auxiliary electric power systems, testing methods, failures modes, and deep technical mechanisms of action which would help explain the system’s limitations and provide much needed support for battery designers struggling to understand the new requirements of an eVehicle lead-acid battery.
Black Diamond spoke at two plenary sessions and led a workgroup on negative plate mechanism as it relates to Dynamic Charge Acceptance while interacting with the highest tiers of the lead-acid industry’s intelligentsia. 

Link to Presentations: