Black Diamond Structures showcases latest lead acid battery innovations and products at FENIBAT

Black Diamond Structures announced its latest product solutions for the Brazilian and Latin American lead acid battery market at FENIBAT, one of South America’s premier programs showcasing battery technology.

“Taking batteries to the next level: MOLECULAR REBAR® explores Nanoscience at its full potential”, presented at the opening technical seminar by Dr. Pedro Britto, Application Development Engineer for Black Diamond in Latin America, provides the latest performance data and developments associated with the company’s proprietary nanotechnology, MOLECULAR REBAR®. The presentation can be found below.

According to Carlos Perez, Black Diamond’s sale manager for Latin America, “Black Diamond Structures has a very strong interest in working with lead acid battery manufacturers in Brazil and throughout the Latin American market. Our products have proven performance value as seen from independent test results in a variety of conditions the world over.”

Black Diamond has established an ongoing relationship with an array of battery manufacturers throughout the world, with a strong emphasis on this market. We are working with every size and type of manufacturer and we are proving the enormous value we can bring when our proprietary product is integrated into the manufacturing process. We believe our products provide enormous value and greatly enhanced performance in this highly competitive industry. Our “door is open” to all manufacturers for a discussion about our ability to advance the specific and unique needs of all.

Contact us at and let us show you how when can provide unique solutions for your manufacturing needs.

BLACK DIAMOND STRUCTURES is a global leader in nanomaterial based solutions for the lead acid and lithium ion battery industries. Our unique technology, MOLECULAR REBAR, when added to a batteries active material greatly enhances the mechanical and electrochemical properties, providing longer life, greater performance and significant value for our customers.

PedroBritto-Black Diamond Structures_Fenibat2017