Deliver on the original promise of nanomaterials; deliver simple, scalable, elegant solutions for the challenges that hinder the Energy Storage Industry’s ability to meet the needs of the modern world

Dr. Paul Everill – Chief Technology Officer – Black Diamond Structures


After its 2014 inception as the Energy Storage-focused Joint Venture between Molecular Rebar Design, LLC, originators of MOLECULAR REBAR® technology, and a leading, multinational chemicals manufacturer, Black Diamond Structures has grown to become a global nanotechnology leader helping manufacturers create the next generation of world-class batteries.

Our unique products, based upon proprietary MOLECULAR REBAR® technology, together with our team of world-class nanomaterial experts alter your battery’s “DNA”, unlocking its full potential.

Our teams work directly with our customers to find solutions that enhance your battery’s mechanical and electrochemical properties.

Our Parent Company

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MOLECULAR REBAR® Design, LLC, based in Austin, Texas, was established to develop and commercialize a breakthrough form of modified carbon nanotubes (CNT’s), called MOLECULAR REBAR®

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