ELBC 2022 Conference in Lyon, France

Millions of vehicles worldwide are powered by MOLECULAR REBAR®-enhanced batteries. Our material’s unique capabilities enhance structural integrity, control crystal conformations, improve electrical performance, and permit our customers to build better, more efficient batteries than their competitors . In this, our largest annual technical update, we will share three new customer testimonials which exemplify the benefits that MOLECULAR REBAR® can provoke in lead-acid battery designs. Firstly, we will review how our engineers deployed our materials to help a South African battery manufacturer develop a new battery with market-leading dynamic charge acceptance, improved crankability, but no change to existing water loss parameters. Secondly, we will continue the story of our custom-built, Addenda-manufactured expander, designed from the ground up to maximally showcase MOLECULAR REBAR® capabilities, by reviewing its performance in the strenuous new key life test (nKLT) / High Temperature Endurance test. Thirdly, we will discuss MOLECULAR REBAR® in traction / forklift applications where our materials’ ability to excel in deep discharge scenarios and recover charge more efficiently has resulted in new, more durable batteries being commercialized in Europe. We also plan to share new thoughts regarding the  MOLECULAR REBAR® mechanism of action  which helps to further differentiate itself from its competitors.