EFB + Heat Conferences 2020

Black Diamond Structures, LLC, participates in Leading-Edge Technical Discussions led by Ford’s Dr. Eckhard Karden and the Consortium for Battery Innovation

May and November 2020; Online (COVID-19)

Despite over 100 years of research, commercialization, and ongoing development, mysteries of lead-acid batteries remain. One of these mysteries is that of “DCA Memory”, the phenomenon by which a battery’s testing history defines in performance in subsequent tests. There are various theories of how a battery can “remember” and Black Diamond Structures, LLE led a conversation regarding the elucidation of this mechanism with industry leaders to provoke ongoing precompetitive collaboration between research groups. Understanding this phenomenon could lead to batteries with no “memory”, where key metrics like charge acceptance are always high, not being dependent on test history.

These discussions continued virtually from 2019-2021 and will continue with the resumption of in-person conferences in 2022.

Black Diamond Structures, LLC was also happy to provide keynote seminars reviewing industrially used additives for the positive and negative active masses.

We also take part in collaborative information sharing between international 2 V cell labs which aim to improve the overall quality of date obtained from these crucial test vehicles. Here, we shared data on our own iterative cell designs and how we moved from the a poorly reproducible, barebones cell to one of the foremost cell designs in the world capable of high-rate discharge and high-temperature performance.

Download NAM Additives Presentation

Download PAM Additives Presentation

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Download DCA Memory Organic Theory Presentation